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10. Wondering Man (2.47)

Wandering man, wondering man
Surfs the ocean, serves the cloud
With his friends, he’s on Facebook
He’s Linked in, on My Space

Far from Home, in his backyard
A mole digs, into the ground
Digging bits, digging bites
On his level, playing field

Far from Home, in his basement
A mouse gnawing, at his mind
Bites the wires, bits of freedom
A mouse gnawing, at his mind

Wandering man, wondering man
There’s no ocean, there’s no cloud
Got no friends, in his bedroom
He’s fucked up, by a mouse

– – –

Lyrics –Bob. Music – Bob, Ronald, Robert, Arjan. Vocals: Gerard, Martien. Drums – Gerard. Bass – Arjan. Slideguitar – Ronald. Keyboards – Robert. Bouzouki – Bob.