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2. Time Is Time (3.01)

Time is time, is timeless
time is time, is time

Your days on the market
bling you buy, or not
roads you take, dreams you build
games you play, set the time

You set the time, I set the time
we set the time, set the time

We, the people, still believe
that every citizen deserves a basic measure of security and dignity.
We, the people, We will respond to the threat of climate change,
knowing that the failure to do so
would betray our children and future generations.
(Inaugural Address by President Barack Obama ( 21 – jan 2013)

– – –

Lyrics – Bob ( except sample Barack Obama). Music – Bob, Arjan, Gerard, Robert, Ronald. Vocals -Martien, Gerard, Arjan. Drums – Gerard. Bass – Arjan. Slideguitar – Ronald. Keyboards – Robert; Bouzouki – Bob. Sample Barack Obama.