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9. Amen Road (3.15)

It all starts with love,
love and affection,
love is our password
(love is) our keyword for the world

Life winds its way
from our first day on earth,
many rivers to cross
many mountains to climb

Where ever your heart is, that’s where you go, Amen Road
travel light, travel slow, Amen Road

So this is my world
and this is my earth
and it’s here that I stand
with love and affection

The glare in my eyes,
a smile on my face
the beat of my heart
heartbeats for tomorrow

– – –

Lyrics –Bob. Music – Bob, Hans. Vocals: Hans Choir – Martien, Ronald, Gerard, Arjan, Drums – Gerard. Bass – Bob. Sologuitar – Ronald. Guitar -Arjan. Keyboards – Robert.