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Amen Road now in stores in Japan

Amen Road now in stores in Japan

Er, ‘very soon available in Japan’ was an underestimation of how fast things can go. (As posted earlier on our Facebook page.) Amen Road has arrived in Tokyo! Thanks Garden Shed.

BACKGROUND MAGAZINE and review Amen Road

Once again a very positive review. On DPRP. We rock! Says the reviewer. Yep, thats what we like to do. Read the full review.

The Riders (as I fondly now seem to call them) have ROCK written all over their music. It does make you long for one of their live shows, for they certainly make you jump for joy. This is one album to enjoy.

Background Magazine also reviews Amen Road: Read the full review.

The overall feeling of this album is without doubt a positive one. Most of all those who enjoy the space rock made by bands such as Hawkwind will cherish this album the most. And if you are digging Pink Floyd as well this might be your cup of tea!

FreeWheelin’ Music Safari reviews Amen Road

America has discovered us! Well, not the whole US. But this is a start. Blogger Ed Karn from Riverside, New Jersey likes us. Read his review of Amen Road on his website.

The guitar work, vocals and overall vibe of the album is fantastic my feet were tapping throughout the album! It only took listening to a few minutes of the opening track “We AreRiders Pt 1 & 2″ For me to know that I was going to like this album. There is wide variety of music on Amen Road that holds the listeners interest throughout the album, strong guitars and vocals and just good rock music!!

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